Mixed-Media Abstract


Lill Street Art Center,


School of the Art Institute of Chicago


“Stone Cold”, one of my collages, was selected for publication in Incite 2-Color Passions, North Light Books (Nov. 2014)


ARTumn Harvest Art Show, Deer Park, IL

9/7-8, 2013

Contemporary Art Fair, NYC at the Javits Ctr/

10/25-27, 2013


Working on larger canvasses, with large brushes and finger painting allows for surprises that guide me through a painting. My use of color is premeditated; I want my paintings to have color impact and lots of movement. My work is mostly abstract but extracting from nature I incorporate forms that are recognizable. My canvasses are prepared with texture and often collage. When all these processes come together and actually work I’m intoxicated with excitement.

I have a BA degree in Fine Arts from the City College of New York.  I have studied with many artists in workshops across the U.S. and have taken painting classes at Harper College in Palatine, IL.  I am currently enrolled  at the Art Institute of Chicago in a drawing certification program, having already received certification in painting and take workshops at Lill Street Art Center in Chicago.  I hope I will never stop learning and evolving artistically and personally.



Welcome to My World of Color, Texture and Movement